Celebrate Your Sponsored Child

The lives of Home of Hope children in India are marked with special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, and graduation. We invite sponsors to make a donation of $20 to the Home of Hope fund which makes it possible for caregivers to celebrate each child’s special day. Typically, the funds are used to buy a practical gift like a dress or shirt and some sweets, which are shared with all the children in each home. Please note, we cannot guarantee that the exact amount of your gift will go only to your child, rather it will go into a fund so that your child and all Home of Hope children can be celebrated. These occasions are great opportunities to show you care.

Please click on an image below to give a special gift today:

birthday wishes

Write a special letter to your child today to let them know you're thinking of them on their birthday!

celebrating achievements

Write a special letter to your child congratulating their academic achievement!

christmas blessings

Write a special and uplifting letter to your child during this beautiful time of year! Celebrating Jesus together near and far.

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