Donate Your Special Event!

Make your special day, even more remarkable!

Have you ever wanted to give to something more, be a part in something bigger? Consider asking friends, family, acquaintances, and loved ones to donate to your special event today! Whether it’s your 50th birthday, your Wedding Anniversary, or other event, both you and your loved ones can help make a real impact in the lives of others in India. Every donation goes directly to the India Urgent Needs-General Fund. Now this calls for a celebration!

You and your loved ones will be helping cover the unforeseen month-to-month needs that arise both in India and stateside efforts to support India. For example, children are taken into our Homes of Hope but do not yet have sponsors. Outreach Staff and Childcare Providers face medical or logistical emergencies. Stateside, computers or printers sometimes fail, and bank fees go up. Your gift to to this fund will be used where needed most so that when the unexpected happens, our mission to send HOPE to the beautiful people of India for today and eternity can continue uninterrupted.

** Considering asking others to donate to your special event? Contact us today, we would love to add you’re celebration to the donation page.